A Quick Guide to Barcelona 

Barcelona this city comes with a lot of hype. Situated in Catalonia which is in Spain but which all the locals will convince you should be another country gets a lot of rave reviews.

I dont know that I fell in love with Barcelona but it is definetly a city you cant afford to miss on you next trip to Europe. Between the arcitecture, food, shopping and city beach this city has so much variety to offer.

Here’s a quick look at the must sees when visiting the city.

Sagrada Familia –

So you cant step foot in Barcelona with out hearing the name Antoni Gaudi. This guy was a crazy/genius architect at the turn of the century who’s creations define Barcelona as a city. The crowning glory is the Sagrada Familia a basilica which is not due to be completed till 2030.

There is a lot of Gaudi buildings you can visit in the city but if you only visit one it has to be this one. Prices start at 15 euro for an hour in the basilica prices go up to about 30 euro if you want to climb the towers. Do keep in mind that you are standing in the building that defines the sky line so you may want to save you euro and get a skyline view some where else.

The exterior of this building is just crazy there is far to much to take in and the exterior is always got some portion of it under scaffolding. The interior in comparison is simple and breathtaking do think that you can get away with just walking around this building the interior is something else and well worth the price. You MUST MUST buy tickets before you go you will have to select and entry time and the type of ticket you wont. The chances of you getting a ticket for the same day if you show up will not happen.


La Rambla – La Boqueria Markets

La Rambla is the main tourist shopping street in Barcelona and a bit of a tourist trap but something worth strolling down as long as you keep an eye on your bag. The real reason to go to La Rambla is to visit the markets La Boqueria. This market you will recognize immediately if you have every googled Barcelona. There are lots of tapas bars here but you have to remember you are in a tourist hot spot so you will have to fight for your food. I opted to stroll. Things you must get a fresh juice, a cheese and or cheese and meat takeaway cup and buy one weird and wonderful thing to put in your mouth there is more then a few to buy here.



Park Guell –

This is a second Gaudi site. This was originally designed as a gated community and was a complete and utter failure. This is where the Barcelona salamander live an iconic statue that you will all recognized if you have googled Barcelona.

There is a section of the park that is free to visit but all the recognizable buildings are within what is called the monument section and this you have to pay for. The park is well out of the city and isn’t the easiest to get to  (there’s lots of walking up hill involved if you take public transport). The main draw card for this site is the view. You are well above the city here and get amazing views  down to the water. Its hard to pick which Gaudi site to visit so if your not a crazy fan its best to do the basilica and the park. This comes in much cheaper then most Gaudi sites starting from 7 euro and about 14 euro with a guided tour. Again you MUST MUST buy tickets before had its a long way out of the city and you will have to pick a time to enter the park and it wouldn’t be fun to get all the way out there and not get a ticket.


The Gothic Quarter –

I stayed just outside the Gothic Quarter and there is plenty of cute cafes and squares lines with bars where you can sit outside and enjoy the weather. Most walking tours will focus on this area due to its history supposedly the oldest part of the city it bears lots of remnant of the civil war. The Gothic Quarter sits in the middle of most of the main tourist attractions with La Rambla to one side and goes right down to the water front. You will end up here with out even trying so make sure to find out what you looking at.


Barceloneta –

Barcelona is famous for its beach, Barceloneta is a suburb in Barcelona down by the water. The beaches are all here, they are man made and where first put in place for the 1992 Olympics. The beaches are an easy walk from the center of the city, they all have different names but the best one is honestly the one that is lease crowded that day. Don’t just go fro the first stretch of sand you find. Make sure you stroll for a bit and enjoy the suburb in the process.


Gaudi Architecture –

Well there is a number of Gaudi buildings besides Sagrada Famillia and Park Guall. They are all rather costly to go inside (over 20 euro a building so cost can quickly soar). The handy thing is that the most famous ones are all in the same neighborhood all on the same street.

Casa Batllo – designed to ba a dragon this is one of the most recognizable Gaudi houses.

Chocolates Bresco – Right next door to Casa Batllo, this house was owned by a wealthy businessman who owned a chocolate factory. There is a cafe and chocolate shop downstairs and you can pay to have a tour of the house.

Casa Milla – Just a little further up the same road this building with its undulating facade is meant to represent the waves and the ocean




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