A Day Trip – Hatfield House

Hatfield house is a Jacobean manor house and estate just outside london and the childhood home of Queen Elisabeth the 1st.



This is such an easy spot to get to you can catch the train straight out of London and depending on you departing station can take anywhere from 30 to 40 min. The train station at Hatfield is directly across from the gates to the house making it easily accessible.



Prices start from 16 pound to see the house, gardens and park. This makes it not the cheapest of houses and with the train from London off peak return costing around 8.50 pounds the cost quickly start adding up. You can easily find two for one vouchers on line and when you go the map comes with two for one vouchers for a number of other privately owned houses like this around England.img_0788img_0793

To be honest this house is big and has so much history to it. The interiors are so sumptuous and there is amazing artworks and tapestry. The thing that I like most about big old houses is when they have a historical connection and you cant top the Queen Elizabeth the first connection. There is even a tree in the garden you can visit which is where Elizabeth is said to have gotten the news she would become Queen. img_0784img_0794

There are so many areas in the garden to explore. You could easily spend a few hours just wondering through the hedged gardens and out into the park.They have even converted the old stable block into shops and cafes. We managed to sneak in some cake and tea to recuperate after all our exploring.



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