A Day Trip – Whitby

York is absolutely chocked full of things to entertain you but if you’ve made it this far to the north east of England you can’t go past a day trip to Scarborough or Whitby. I chose Whitby as I only had time for one and coming from Australia was hooked by the Captin Cook connection but we’ll get to the later on. 

There is a bus from the main station in York that takes you straight to Whitby. It takes about 2.5hrs but is an easy enough bus trip. It’s about £15 return for the ticket and that allows you to return at any time that same day. 

So what can you do for a day in Whitby.

Whitby’s 199 steps 

These steps are a little unavoidable unless driving but the view they offer is well worth the effort and if you want to get to the main attraction in Whitby it the main way to get there. 

Whitby Abby 

Anyone who knows the Dracula novels will have heard of Whitby and the Abby. This ruin perched high on the cliffs is beautiful and unnerving all at the same time. A large omanis rain clouds decided to roll in whil eI was up here adding a chill to the air which made the whole experience all the more fun. At least Dracular doesn’t come out during the day right ? The Abby is owned by English Heratage it £7.10 there’s not much you have to pay to visit in Whitby so you can easily include this in your day out. 

Church of St Mary 

Situated between the top of the 199 steps and the Abby this Church has very strong Dracular vibes. Stroll around the grave yard to see the gravestones worn down by the blistering sea winds and have a peak inside to see it’s quirky interior surviving from the 1700’s and 1800’s

Seaside Cuisine

It might just be me but I can’t go to the seaside in England without indulging in ice cream and fish and chips. I went with the Whitby Top a soft serve ice cream with a lemon sorbet dollop on top. Dessert always seams to come before lunch when imholidaying.

 British fish and chips are British fish and chips and every shop will bost that they have the best. My portion in the photograph is a street food serving so you can imagine what a regular serving size is like. Watch out though as the seagulls here are brutal. I was attacked twice before I found some where to sit and they stole my tarter sauce. So watch your fingers. 

The Beach and Pier

I can tell you now I did not get in the water. Make sure you make it all the way to the end of the pier for amazing views back towards the town and cliffs.  The sea here can be quite ruff and offers for some spectacular waves crashing against the pier so get your camera ready for lots of dramatic shots. 

Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Coming from Australia Captain Cook is one of those historical figures you learn about right from primary school. He’s the reason we had white British settlement in Australia. This museum is situated in a Quaker family’s home and is where Captain cook lived as an apprentice seaman. At only £5.40 entry I threw this in at the end of my day. It’s a very nice little museum and covers from his apprenticeship right up to his death. This is a guy who did some pretty amazing things in his life. I really like how it was explained why each of his voyagers where so significant at the time. I ended up spending about an hr hear and it’s well worth a look. 


2 responses to “A Day Trip – Whitby

  1. Hi
    A trip to Whitby! I spend many a childhood holidays in a small fishing village called Robin Hoods bay which isn’t far from Whitby. It had a 1 in 3 hill to get down to it and was a maze of small paved paths, Once a smugglers place. There were rumours you could get from the bottom of the village to the top! My brothers and there friends stayed in a cottage and found a passage way which they believed ran under the road and came up in the cellar of a shop opposite. We have lots of photos as I spent my honeymoon there and both me and my husband visited many times after it. Not sure how to add photos but let us know if you’re interested and I can add some to our blog or Facebook page.

    • Sounds amazing I would live to see photos. I dearly wanted to get out there but was unable to hire a car at the time.

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