A Quick Guide to York

York in the north of England is the second most visited city in England and when you get here you can quickly see why. With is rich history dating back to the Roman era and stunning architecture this small city is jam packed with sights worth seeing. 



Most people would hear the name York and the first thing that comes to mind is York Minster. This stunning cathedral dominates the city and you can’t come to York without popping in to have a look at the stunning stained glass. This cathedral has the largest collection of medieval stained glass in Europe and has all the interesting history and story’s to go along with  its 1379 year history. It’s not cheap at £10 without climbing the bell tower. They do have regular free tours once you get inside and they have regular church services which you can visit. The best part about York Minster is that’s it a functioning cathedral and a huge part of the community. 


This in another one of those sites that endless pictures seam to pop up when googling York. The Clifford’s Tower is right beside the Castle Museum. Whatever you do don’t pay to go in. I did and it’s a complete waste of money. You can enjoy sunning yourself on the grassy hill and climb the steps up to the entrance but at £5 to get in its tiny and the view isn’t spectacular enough to warrant  the climb to the battlement.  


I was really sceptical when I was tossing up if I wanted to go to this museum. I mean it’s another museum and at this point on my trip I had done a lot of them and at £10 it wasn’t a cheap and cheerful option. I was really impressed by this museum, it was massive and just a lot of fun. While most museums you end up having to read so much it just makes you tired, they  had so many different exhibitions with some really creative displays. There was even an entire street scape to show you what York city would have been like back in the day with a carriage house, shops, alleyways and a school. There was really so much that I couldn’t possibly talk you through it all but it’s was well worth the £10 and definitely a must see in the city. 


Well seeing as York is a walled city you have to visit the wall right ? I was lucky enough to have Micklegate bar at the end of my street but there are a few sections where you can get up on the wall. Although it’s no longer complete its well worth making sure you get to walk all the sections and there is some great views of the city’s landmark that make the walk the perfect photo trail. 


These gardens at right beside the other museum in York and where so relaxing and beautiful I just kept going back. With the ruins of St Mart’s Abbey in the grounds and jam packed with activities and performers during the summer it really is some where you should make sure you get to enjoy. 

This is a very cool street originally the butchers street in the city there’s a lot to look at. With some buildings dating from the 14th century there is also the home of Saint Margaret Clitherow a Catholic who was crushed for her beliefs. The Shambles was mentioned in the Doomsday Book a text commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086. There is a modern market just beside the street which make it a great place to stroll through. 


I really liked this place. Built in the 1300 it has remained in the original organisations ownership the entire time which is pretty impressive. With its giant oak structure and vast history this is a beautiful building which has survived the continuous effort changes around it. It’s only £6 with a free audio guide so an easy way to fill a few hours.

There was so much to see in York and it was a great city to visit. If you would all like another post on what to go see if you have extra time in the city let me know. I’m sure I’ll be back again it was such a fun summer city. 


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