A Day Trip – Harewood House 

There is any number of houses surrounding Leeds that you can visit but for some reason this one comes in as number 14 on trip advisers “Things to do in Leeds” and really it should be sitting much higher in the ranking (at least above Temple Newsam but I’ll tell you about that another time). 

This house was described as a “Gem” when I did some research online and that’s exactly what it is. This house is truly a full day out there is just so much to see on the estate that’s actually worth seeing, so make sure you set aside plenty of time to visit this country estate. 

Situated about 45 min from Leeds by bus this is one of the more expensive houses to visit. The best part is if you catch the 36 city connect bus you get a half price entry ticket. With a return bus fair sitting at about £4.20 and a half price ticket that includes all available attractions for £8.50 per adult it ends up being a reasonable day out. From the bus stop its only a 15min walk to the main house but if you walk just inside the gate to Harewood there is a free shuttle survive run by volunteers making it even easier to get to the house. 

The house is split into upstairs and downstairs with seperate entrances. I started in the main section of the house and with its suptuouse dressings, design by Robert Adams and stunning furniture including a collection of breathtaking chippandeales there is so much to look at. There is also a royal connection to the house with Princess Mary the daughter of Gerorge v married the viscount lascelle and caming to live at the house. 

The downstairs is all about the servants life at the house. While nowhere near as large as the as the area on display upstairs it is still worth a wonder around  if nothing else to see the amazing kitchen. There is also a small art gallery in this section of the house. 

Now what really makes this house worth the time and money is this beautiful building coupled with stunning gardens and a bird garden. There are penguins and flamingos and even kookaburras from Australia. There is a penguin feeding at 3pm which is well worth waiting around for. 

There is also sourounding gardens by “Capability” Brown a very famous enough English landscaper. There is a Himalaya garden a lake and rolling hills to explor on this vast estate. On a fine day you can spend hours strolling through the extensive grounds even visiting the kitchen garden on the far side of the lake. 

Just in case after all that you still want more on your way back to the entrance to the estate there is a beautiful church which is open to the public. I love old churches as they always have such a peaceful feeling to them and I can’t help but pop in and pull up a pew and take a minute to enjoy the quiet. 


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