A quick guide to Leeds

Now Leeds is a city I like. Compared to Manchester it has a really young feel to it. It is also very well situated for more then one day trip out to the countryside. But there is defiantly enough in the city its self to keep you interested. 

Leeds City Market

Just near the centre of town you can’t miss this place. A massive market where lots of the locals do their shopping it worth a turn. You’ll find anything from fresh produce to knitting wool. It’s all in doors making it a great stop if the weather turns and although you’r unlikely to buy anything you’ll be amazed at just what’s on offer. 

Royal Armouries Museum 

I do love free things and there is a few in Leeds. The Armouries is one of them  with a huge collection of weapons and armour ranging from a number of different cultures and century’s it’s quite interesting. Although too big to absorbs everything you see it’s great fun picking out one or two different eras such as the 100 year war and to see what life for a soldier. This museum isn’t too far from the Leeds Market and is easy walking distance. 

Thackeray Medical Museum. 

Now this I would put down as a must see. Situated in an old work house which was converted to a hospital that was used until the 1990’s. This museum takes you through the streets on 1700’s Lees and let’s you follow different characters lives and illnesses as well as letting you decide their treatment and finding out if they survived. The entire top floor is dedicated to operations and takes you from the era before anesthetiser  (Imaging getting your leg cut of while you where still awake ) right up to modern day surgery. It can be a little grim at times but this is something I love. The museum is a bit of a walk out of town but easily accessible on the bus as its on the university campus beside a hospital.
Leeds City Museum

A really well curated museum with a number of different exhibitions this place isn’t to big and has a really awesome life in Leeds exhibition showing what it was like to live in the city from the industrial era onwards. Another free attractions so how can you go wrong

Corn Exchange 

The old corn exchange is such an amazing building and filled with cute little shops mostly gift stores with some clothing shops throughout. The building alone is worth the visit so all the shops are a bonus. 

Marks and Spencer’s Archive.

This is another free attraction and is a little way out of town but if you find yourself at the top end of the shopping district and looking for something to do this is just a short stroll through the university campus. Tracking the rise of the Marks and Spencer’s brand from the pre-war penny bizarre to the modern day department store and grocers (I love the Marks and Spencer’s food hall) It’s a really interesting look at the change in tastes in Britan over the years. This is a local Leeds company which is why you’ll find there archives here. 


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