A Day Trip -Harrogate

About an hour by bus from Leeds, Harrogate is a quaint little spa town with one big drawcard. The Victorian era Turkish Bath House is simply something else. 

Harrogate Turkish Baths and Health Spa 

I have been to Turkish Bath Houses before and meanwhile in Turkey you get a lovely manly Turkish lady who actually washes you. This is a bit more of a relaxed environment. The entrance is easy enough to find but is down the side of the building from the original entrance. You do need to book a session and a full list of treatments are available including massages and body wraps. As its a bath house obviously I couldn’t take pictures inside. Do go have a look at their website for a glimpse of what the bath house looks like. You start of in a eucalyptus infused steam room before heading to the plunge pool which is icy cold in comparison. There is then three hot rooms which are a dry heat starting at 30 deg getting up to 70 deg. You simply work your way back and forth between the heat and the plunge pool until you’ve had enough and return to the relaxation room to let your body acclimatise to a normal temperature for the last 30 min of your session. Sessions last 2.5 hours and I spent they entire time in the bath house.  Sessions start from £15.50 for a mixed male female session and are only available that cheap ona Wednesday and Thursday morning sessions prices go up to nearly £30 for weekend session times so plan ahead. I came out feeling amazing and so relaxed it was such a great experience I can’t rave about it enough make sure you get yourself here if your anywhere in the Nirth West of England.  

Betty’s Tea Rooms 

Original to Harrogate (there are stores in several location across the North of England) and opened in 1919 the tea rooms are worth lining up for. You will be asked if you would like to wait or be seated in the cafe. I suggest you wait the line tends to move fairly quickly. I have to say I popped in here after my bath session and was starved so I ended up having lunch, tea and dessert. With such delicate and attractive desserts like my raspberries tart which tasted even better then it looked this tea room is worth so spending the money in. There also plenty of treats to meet anyone’s budget and they will let you look at the menu before you head in. There is also a gift store in tea rooms so you can always just pop in and grab a treat take-away. This was also by far the easiest Betty’s to get a table at out of the three main ones I’ve seen and seeing as this was the very first Betty’s it makes it even more fun. 

Royal Pump Room. 

The Royal Pump Rooms use to be a bath house but is now home to a museum. There is a cost to get in and it’s a little overpriced for such a small museum. It’s quite cute though and worth a look if the food and the shops and the Turkish baths haven’t quite filled your day.    

 Getting there 

There is a bus that leave quite regularly from the Leeds bus station the 36 city connect.  Just check times for your day of travel. It cost about £7.20 returned as of my date of travel early August 2016. 


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