A day (and a bit) in Manchester

Well it has to be said Manchester is not my favorate city. It is though ideally positioned in the north of England between a lot of other very cool places. With Liverpool to west. The lakes districts to the Noth and Leeds and York to the east your going to be going through Manchester at some point if your in this part of England. Manchester still has more then a few things on offer so make sure you include a day here on your itinerary while touring this part of England. You can cram lots of interesting things into a day (and a bit). 

The Manchester Art Gallery

Fashion and Freedom exhabition

This place was quite surprising. This art gallery has all the classic type of art work you would expect in a free gallery but has snuck in more then a few modern twists. They had two temporary exhibition when I visited 100 years of Vouge which was photographs from the iconic magazine and Fashion and Freedom looking at pre and post war women clothing. These where both really engaging exhibition. I really loved that in the majority of the gallery they had sneaky modern art work mixed in with all the classics. How can  you go wrong when the gallery has a sneaky Banksy work hanging on it walls. 

Banksy Manchester Art Gallery

100 years of Vouge

Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry 1800 building

The Museum of Science and Industrey is free and has about 5 warehouses that you can wander through. The best parts are all the full scale trains packed into the second last building and the aircrafts across the road in the air and space exhabition. There is also a collection of very early motor vehicles here too. So if you have a boy in tow young or old they will have a field day here so make sure you pop in. 

The John Rylands Library

Historical reading room, John Ryland Library

This was my favourite spot in Manchester unfortunately there just isn’t a huge amount open to the public. You enter the building down the side through a modern extension and then work your way back up into the original 1900 building. There is always a few temporary exhabition showing some of the rare books owned by the library but the real reason to visit is the historic reading room. Like something out of Harry Potter this over the top gothic revival hall is something else. Make sure you pop into the historical toilets too. One of  the creepiest places I’ve seen they are original to the building and still in working order. 

The Manchester Museum

museum of Manchester taxidermy

The Museum is a little was out of town but nothing crazy and is well worth the trip. This museum lays claim to amazing  mummy artefacts when the real winner is the original Victorian exhabition hall filled with taxidermy animals. While not the most extensive collection I’ve seen (the Austrian natural history museum is some thing eles) this is a very cool widow into another time entirely. 

The Richmond Tea Rooms 

Situated in Gay Town (yes it is named that on the map and yes it is the homosexual hang out) is this amazing little tea room. With decore based of Alice in Wounderland you can’t resist heading down the rabbit hole for scones and tea. I got the Alice tea at only £6.50 with two scones, jam, clotted cream and a pot of tea of your choice it’s a great way to end the day.  

I did walk between all these attractions but it was a bit of a hike. There are plenty of busses to get you around though and I usually just use my google map app which gives me accurate up to date info. 


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