Lunga Estate

Lunga Estate is a family run Estate on the west coast of Scotland. I was fortunate to find Scotts Cabin a self catering cabin that is situated on the estate and stayed there for a week on my recent trip to Scotland. Some times when I go on holiday I try to cram as much as possible into the time I have and I forget to just stop and enjoy where I am and what I’m doing. I found the Scotts Cabin through a third party website love to escape. When I did arrive at the cabins even they where surprised and Australian had found the accommodation as I was definitely not their usual clientele.

lounge room view, Scotts Cabin, Lunga Estate, Argyll, Scotland

Scotts Cabin was originally built for Falcon Scott, a wildlife photographer and grandson of an Antarctic Explorer. With amazing views out over the water from the lounge room and just a short walk from the bay this was a beautiful spot to just kick back and enjoy the surrounds.

Scotts Cabin, Lunga Estate, Argyll, Scotland Coast line, Lunga Estate, Argyll, Scotland

Unfortunate I can’t sit still for very long but there was endless things to occupy me on the estate. My friend and I went for a horse ride with the Lunga stables and rode around the estate. Also the bay is great for exploring but good foot wear is required to go any distance but definitely worth checking out.

Horse riding, Lunga Stables, Lunga Estate, Argyll, Scotland Walled Garden, Lunga Estate, Argyll, Scotland Horses grazing, Lunga Estate, Argyll, Scotland

There is also any number of day trips from the estate to Oban, Inverarary and surrounding towns. I am always so grateful when I take the time to stop and give some time to myself. Staying at the estate reminded me of when I was younger and a simple week long holiday to the coast made you feel like you had had a month long rest. There are so many unique and breathtaking cabins around Scotland and it is well worth the effort to find and book some where like Scotts cabin to give your self back a little time.


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