Calico Cat Cafe Shinjuku

Calico Cat Cafe,Cat Cafe ID tag, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

My Cat Cafe tag

Tabby cat, Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Tabby Cat making eyes at the chicken


Cat and friend, Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Fine looking Kitty hanging out with his friend


feeding cats at the Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Feeding time at the Cat Cafe


Sleeping cat at the Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku, Japan, Tokyo

Sleeping cat


Cat of the Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Cat posing for her Close up

Cat guards, Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Cat gaurds at the top of the stairs


Cat climbing at the Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Cat having a climb


Well what is a trip to Japan without visiting a cat cafe. When I was looking up things to do in Tokyo this came up in the top 10 so how could I not. After visiting a rabbit cafe (Ill share that awesomeness with you all soon) and being to scared to visit an Owl cafe (cool concept but I felt the reality would be terrifying). I did my research and headed to the Calico Cat Cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Now navigating around Tokyo I was told was hard but if you cant find a place chances are you need to head up. In the case of this cat cafe to the 6th floor in one of the doggiest buildings Ive ever been in. Ill share with you soon some tips and tricks of getting around Tokyo but thats another post.

So a cat cafe ? Strange ? Fabulous? weird? what is it really like and is it worth it. Well in reality you are hanging out in a really big room with about 50 cats. Tokyo is filled with tiny apartments where a pet would drive you mad and this is a great way for locals to spend time interacting with animals. Its well known just how much better pets can make your life and when you head into the cat cafe you are bound to be able to spot the regular visiters that the cat know oh so well.

When you finally get to the cat cafe you are explained all the rules before you head in. You can’t pick up any of the cats (although if they jump on you this isn’t a problem). There are some cats you are warned not to touch or not to feed for variouse reasons. You have to take your shoes off and pop a pair of slippers on and then wash and sanitise your hands only then are you free to roam with the cats for as long as you like.

I have to say Im much more a dog person then a cat person but its still interesting to see this crazy concept in real life. You can buy food and drink in the cafe although with all the cats this is a bit grose. The also offer you the chance to buy food for the cats and you should do it. As soon as you have food almost every cat is your best friend. Cat food is 300 yen a box a has quite a lot of food in it. My friend and I stayed an hour in the cafe and that was more then enough and only cost 1000 yen so was worth the $10 or so aus dollars. Also on the way out I was given a free Calico Cat Cafe note book (so cute head to my instagram to check out some pics).

All in all its a pretty enjoyable experience but something I will probably only do the once. Check out this awesome website for a great list of Cat cafes across Tokyo.



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