Disney Tokyo Sea

Disney Sea Plaza Globe, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Disney Sea Plaza Globe 

Venetian Gondolas, Mediterranean Harbor, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Venetian Gondolas, Mediterranean Harbor


Tower of Terror, American Waterfront, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Tower of Terror, American Waterfront


Cape Cod, American Waterfront, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Cape Cod, American Waterfront


Aquatopia, Port Discovery, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Aquatopia, Port Discovery


Prawn steam buns, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

eating everything in site. prawn steam buns.

Indian Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, Lost River Delta, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Indian Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, Lost River Delta


Agrabah Marketplace, Arabian Coast, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Agrabah Marketplace, Arabian Coast


Ariel's Grotto, Mermaid Lagoon, Disneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Ariel’s Grotto, Mermaid Lagoon


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mystery Island, DIsneyland Sea, Tokyo, Japan

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mystery Island



Konnichiwa from Tokyo. I was so excited to head to Disney Sea in Tokyo and had heard heaps about how this is the best Disneyland for adults.

I was surprised at how small the park actually was. there was seven themed areas but each area only had on average of two rides. The main exception to this rule was the mermaid lagoon except all the rides where for kids under about the age of eight. I did have a lot of fun in the park though and there was endless snack opportunities and I can never say no to some good Disney themed food. I was a little bit worried when I planned my day that I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in at the park (This is a commen problem in Disneyland in america) but I managed quite easily. I didn’t ride the Toy Story mania ride because the wait was 80min and the fastpass wasn’t available that day and I didnt ride anything in mermaid lagoon because I felt bad for sealing a spot from the 5 yr olds. Also I know this may shock you but all the stories told for the rides are in Japanies. I know go figure, you can figure out the basics of whats going on so its not the biggest deal. It was actually a really good day in the end and I had lots of fun well worth the trip if your in Tokyo. Who doesn’t like a little magic in their day.

Must do rides

Definitely get on Journey to the Centre of the Earth in Mystery Island. This was way cooler then I was expecting.

Also Storm Rider in Port Discovery was so entertaining.

The Tower of Terror in American Waterfront should be at the top of your list.

Finally the Venetian Gondolas in Mediterranean Harbour was a really great way to have a break in a busy day.

A few pointer
1. You can’t buy anything in the park with a credit card or debit card (weird I recon) so make sure you bring lots of cash

2. I caught the train to and from the park and originally struggled with finding out times and finer details. The trains run almost 24hrs and you won’t wait more then 15min for a train. I ended up using Google maps to get the route I took.

3. If you haven’t heard of fast pass go check it out. They have them for a number of rides at Disneyland sea and people really weren’t using them to their advantage so make sure to get one for every ride you can.


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