Haggis Adventure tour

St Andrews seaside ScotlandScottish seaside cliffs

Daisies in Scottish country countryside

An Lethallt Isle of Skye Scotland

Eilean Donon Castle

Kilt Rock Isle of Skye Scotlant

I recently went on a Haggis Adventure 7 day Island Explorer through the Scottish highlands. We where taken right up into the Orkney Islands and the Isle of Sky as well as Loch Ness and a lot of stops in between.  This company is part of Bus about and if you don’t know anything about either basically the tour price is the cost of transport. Every night you pay for your accommodation at which ever hostel you get dropped of at. There is no food included in the cost of the tour and you don’t really get a choice of accommodation unless you opt to stay in a bed and breakfast or ask for a private room in the hostel.

The tour was a good option for me as I was a solo traveler and where we went on the tour would have been hard to get to without a car. The things I didn’t like about the tour was that all different tour groups kept getting added together so we ended up on a bus with about 39 people when we only started with about 17. We got taken to a lot of sights where we were not given enough time to go inside because we were told by the tour guides that at 10 pounds for admission they were to expensive. Also when you travel on bus about through Europe every city you stop in has endless choices of hostels and hotels. Everywhere we went in Scotland had very limited accommodation so it was a bit silly we had to pay night by night for our accommodation when we didn’t really get a choice of where we were staying. I know for my budgeting the more I can pay up front the better.

Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful though and well worth the trip up there. The tour go us so far north I would have really struggled to get there on my own, Especially when so much of Scotland sights are landscapes and you have to walk up a hill and through a sheep field to get there.


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