Fountine main square Crete Greece

Markets Crete Greece

olives for sale Crete markets Greece

fort Crete Greece

fort Crete Greece

harbour Crete Greece

As part of the cruise we stopped off for the morning on Crete in the port of Heraklion. I had had a couple of people telling me how horrible Crete was in the lead up to my cruise and quite a few people from our group didn’t even get off the ship. I was surprised when I arrived in town that it was quite a nice city and yes I mean a city. Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and Heraklion is much larger then anywhere else we visited. I didn’t have long here but really enjoyed the markets. I found a few things that I hadn’t seen anywhere else in Greece which is always nice. We stopped in one of the cafés to have a drink and eventually strolled down past then fort on the waters edge and along the jetty there. Considering just how spread out the Greek Islands are it’s great to have places to stop on you way elsewhere. Crete is a great place for just that type of stop.


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