Little Venice Mykonos GreeceWindmills Mykonos Greece

street cats in Mykonos Greece

Gyros in Mykonos Greece

Little Venice Mykonos at Night  Greece

Mykonos Church in little Venice Greece

I had the opportunity to go to Mykonos two years ago where I traveled by ferry from Athens to the island. This time it was one of the stopes on a four day cruise that I did on the Louis Olympia as part of a Contiki tour. I really love Mykonos and was so glad I got to go previously to this trip. It was such a shirt stop over and we had to compete with everyone else on the cruise ship to see the attractions. The windmills and little Venice are the must see on the island and the harbour is beautiful at night. Obviously the island is known for its partying we had to be back on the ship well before any of that got underway. I was really lucky though as I sat on the jetty with my feet dangling over the water a seal swan right under my feet and popped his head up a few meters away. It was a very nice surprise to see.


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