Wimbledon 2014

the queue Wimbledon london england

Wimbledon Awaits the queue wimbledom London England

Centre Court Wimbledom London England

Court 12 Wimbledon London England

Pims Cup and Strawberries and cream Wimbledon London England

Murry Mound Wimbledon London England

Order of play Wimbledon 2014 London England

courts at Wimbeldon London England

Quick details
Get out at Southfield station
General admiration £20
Get a seat and stay there
You can bring in your own food and drink DO IT

This was not something I had planed for when I got to London. I have a friend who was my room mate when I travel through Vietnam and she was heading to Wimbledon so I though “when in Rome”. Jet lag ended up being an advantage and I got up at 4:30 am to get to the lawn tennis association Wimbledon by 6:00 to line up for tickets. Well my first night bus didn’t show up and I only got the Southfield station (closer to Wimbledon then the Wimbledon station and on the district line) at 6:30. Luckily my friend got me a ticket number (this is very naughty and she had to use a fake identity).

Then the queuing began they even gave us a guide to queuing. We stood in a moving line from 6:30 till 10:20 and only at 10:20 when we finally got to the ticket box and payed out £20 for general addition where we guarantied entry. With general addition you can watch any game the isn’t in central court or courts 1 or 2. We headed straight to court 12 and waited for the 11:30 match to begin between Vesely and Monfils. Once you have a seat you don’t give it up. If you leave the seating for any reason including using the rest rooms or to get food some one else gets your seat. We managed to watch the entire 4 hour match which was actually really entertaining. Afterwards we got strawberries and cream (delicious and a must have) and Pims and sat on the Murray mound and watched the center court action on the big screen. Such a massive day but totally worth all of it.


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