Vietnam Museum of Ethnology










I had read about the ethnology museum and found myself with a little extra time to kill in Hanoi and though I’d go have a look. The museum isn’t any where near the city and it cost me about 100,000 dong in the cab to get out there. Which is expensive in Vietnam although only about $5aus. The museum is essentially all about the different cultures that exist in Vietnam. To be honest there was so much to read in the museum that I found it all rather dull. There was a section of the museum that is outside and is the last part you come to. I was absolutely blown away. The outdoor exhibition consists of full scale examples of cultural housing that you can walk through and climb over. I absolutely love architecture especially domestic housing so this was right up my ally. I am such a believer in the merit of traditional housing in any country and believe if you live in a well designed house it has a huge impact on your overall well being. I think the trip out to this museum was worth seeing the houses along. It was just so great as well to be able to touch and climb through something on display at a museum and it seamed to be a highlight for all the kids running around the houses as well.


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