Mekong Delta









This was a very cool day trip on the Mekong Delta. We traveled an hour and a half outside Saigon to the My Tho harbour where we got to jump on a long boat and travel out into the Delta. The majority of the day was spent on Tortoise Island. The whole area is really touristy as is apparent by all the price of items at the Harbour and on the island but it was still a really nice trip. We visited a coconut candy factory and watched a demonstration on how they use every part of the coconut. There was snake holding and an amazing lunch of vegetable soup, elephant fish spring rolls with pineapple, cucumber and noodles dipped in tamarin chilli sauce. The part I enjoyed the most was a canoe trip down the river in the island back to the main pier. It was so quiet and looked like the set of a Vietnamese war film. We even got to enjoy fresh coconuts on the long boat on the way back to the harbour.


2 responses to “Mekong Delta

    • No bike ride for me. That would have been awesome though if I make it back I must make sure I get to go for a ride.

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