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I have been journaling ever since my first solo trip to Europe in 2007. My taste and style of journaling has definitely changed in the following years. Just when I feel like I have my style down pat I decide I want to try something different. My first journal was from kikki k and a stock standard lined journal. Now that I look back through it there was no rhyme or reason to what I was writing. There is a lot about how much money I spent and some day-to-day journaling but nothing consistent across my whole trip. I actually found my second journal in a bookstore at a train station in Boston and it inspired me so much I got a wanderlust tattoo. I had some structure in place by the time I got to my second journal. At the start of each trip I would write in my itinerary and the ideas about what I wanted to see in each place. Then I would write about each day from when I left home to when I got back. I searched for ages for my third journal and bought it specifically as it resembled the wanderlust journal so closely. Where the wanderlust journal hold amazing photographs from all over the world the enroute a journal uses illustrations. I used the same layout for each trip in the enroute journal as I had in the wanderlust journal but after seven years I thought I should start illustrating my own journal. My newest journal I found on a recent trip to Cambodia and the cover is made from a recycled fish food bag. Now even though I’ve kept the same idea I’m illustrating each and ever page myself. Some don’t look as good as others but I’m really enjoying the creative aspect and I think it will make my new journal even more special to me.


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