Travel Album





I take so many photographs when I travel and most of them never leave my computer. I have wanted an actually photo album of my travels for about the last eight years. Every time I’ve sat down to sort through my photos I have so much trouble trying to cut down the number of pictures to actually fit in an album. I can never decide on the perfect layout because I have one image to few or one to many. I finally found a way of getting around all of this and it was to buy a Fuji Instax camera. Because of the spontaneous nature of the instax camera I can’t sit there and re touch all the photographs I take and you never know what the photos going to turn out. Some how this is what I like the most. I found the beautiful Moleskin Album that just worked perfectly with the white boarder of the images. I aim to take about ten images on each trip but some time it more some times it’s less. Pretty much anything you take a picture of with the instax camera looks beautiful and it’s so nice to hold a memento of my trips that I can sit down and share with others.


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